Charlotte’s Story

This is my story of how Chiropractic saved my life! I was going to try and shorten this story, but …I’m not very good at that so here it is… Sorry if it’s too much information in places. 😛
I have been seeing Dr. Korsh and his amazing team at Korsh Spinal Health and Wellness for about 20 years. My parents started taking me when I was about 8, so I have always taken good chiropractic care for granted. I remember going into Dr. Korshes clinic through the years and reading the testimonials of others whose health had been transformed by chiropractic and wondering about it since my visits were usually about maintaining health as opposed to regaining it.
Three years ago I went away to study at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I intended to keep up with my chiropractic treatments while there but after trying 3 different chiropractors and finding them all terrible I got discouraged and busy with my studies and stopped going.
I was forced to come home about 5 months ago due to a complete breakdown in my health. There were many factors involved in the deterioration of my health, stress being a major one, I now believe lack of good chiropractic care was another. My Health in general failed, I was experiencing severe migraines, chronic fatigue, back and neck pain. In addition my menstrual health was severely compromised. I have always struggled with very painful periods during which I also experience vertigo and nausea. 5 months ago I began menstruating heavily experiencing the pain, nausea and vertigo which I normally do however the difference was that I continued to bleed with no end in sight, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, I was finally so sick that I was forced to move home to my parents to try to get well.
I saw my family Doctor and was told that the bleeding was unexplained, I felt very frustrated and desperate because I didn’t know what the problem was or how to deal with it. It was around that time that Dr. Korsh saw me and encouraged me to come for treatments every day. He was convinced that he could help me. I was skeptical because I had never associated chiropractic with menstrual health, but I needed answers and so I started going every day to receive treatment. Dr. Korsh took X-rays and patiently showed me how my spine was completely twisted sideways, I was shocked!
It is difficult to describe the amazing transformation in my health but I will try. After about 1 week of having treatments every day I began to feel a change in my energy level for the better. My head felt clearer, my migraines became less frequent. I had been sick in bed with nausea and pain most days but I started to be able to get up a bit. By the second week my bleeding had slowed and I was feeling considerably more energetic. People started telling me that they could see life in my eyes again. Previously I had not been able to eat without vomiting. I started to be able to eat again. Dr. Korsh diagnosed me with anemia from blood loss and low hemoglobin and prescribed me some natural supplements to counter these conditions. By the end of the 2nd week my bleeding had STOPPED ENTIRELY!!!!!! This was incredible to me, I felt cautiously optimistic, I couldn’t believe that after 5 months of being flat on my back I could actually be getting well. Ive been told that my face was white as a sheet before, Ive regained the color in my face. In still not completely well but I feel better than I have in five years. My family and friends are completely amazed at the transformation.
I have since been diagnosed with and had surgery for endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. My Doctor told me that endometriosis is incurable and although they have removed some of it it will grow back. Dr. Korsh and his team however have been so helpful and caring in giving me information about these conditions and natural supplements and lifestyle changes which may increase my odds of avoiding a hysterectomy. I am SO THANKFUL that I listened to Dr. Korsh and began treatment!!!! I cannot recommend him and his staff enough! They care! Because of them and what they do I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK! I plan to continue chiropractic care for the rest of my life and I hope that Dr. Korsh continues to practice for a long long time because he really is the best chiropractor that I know. Hear that Doc? Its official: you are not allowed to retire!